About Joyce

Joyce Pinch was born in Derby and now lives in Stinchcombe, Gloucestershire. She studied art at Redland College, Bristol and has taught art and design in secondary schools and at the University of the West of England. At the same time Joyce has continued to pursue her own work.

“Whilst teaching I have collected a vast range of objects for the students and myself to draw inspiration from. These are in the main natural forms such as nests, seed heads, skulls, pebbles etc or fruits and vegetables found in markets at home and abroad.

In addition, I collect man-made forms such as ceramics or artefacts that might have been affected by exposure to the elements or have an intrinsic beauty because of the unusual shape, colour or form.

This has been my life-long subject matter for my own painting and I find that I work better when following a theme as one painting will often lead on to another. It is for this reason that I have arranged my recent and past work under the general headings of Harvest, Ornithology, Seashore and Objects. More recently, I have been exploring the human figure and portraiture and have included new sections of work on these two themes.

The feeling that I am endeavouring to create is a combination of the fragility and vulnerability of the forms and to experiment with composition and change of scale, inviting the viewer to take a new and closer look."

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